Strategic advice

Property investment involves risk. Unexpected voids, repair costs, tenant disputes and asset illiquidity require proactive asset management to ensure investment returns are maximised.

Locke Property Investments provides strategic asset management to mitigate risk and improve investment return.

Rental income will decrease  if costs and liabilities are not managed effectively.  We ensure your assets are strategically managed so your capital generates maximum return with liabilities kept to a minimum.

Our expert team specialises in the multi-let industrial and office sectors, reducing risk and maximising profit through bespoke and intensive asset management.

Achieving maximum occupancy

Vacant properties reduce investment return so our priority is to reduce the risk of them falling vacant.  Building trusted relationships with occupiers, to understand their business plans and problems, results in more timely rental payments and higher tenant retention rates..

When properties do fall vacant, there are many factors involved in quickly re-occupying the space. From presentation of the property, to the quality and close management of agents, consultants, lawyers and neighbouring occupiers,  we coordinate and drive every letting to get the best results.

We advise upon, manage and enhance negotiations between landlord and tenant, as well as proactively initiating, coordinating and sense-checking any capital expenditure projects required.

For properties that remain vacant for longer, we substantially reduce outgoings through our expertise in business rates mitigation.

Why are we different?

Many property consultants provide diverse skill sets, including specialist agents, rating experts, and cost consultants. However, differently targeted corporate departments do not work together efficiently in delivering best overall asset performance. We take ownership; combining best in class skills to ensure your individual investment objectives are met and exceeded.

We think outside of the box, by acting as if we owned the property ourselves, enabling us to achieve  the best results.

We deliver bespoke services for each of our clients to ensure we provide the best level of service. Where applicable, we tailor our service to complement and support existing teams.

Our wide ranging solutions offer a one-stop shop for managing assets across the UK.

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